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The image is an advertisement for Sekolah Yehonala, promoting their student admissions for the academic year 2024-2025. It features various educational logos, including Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Qualifications. The advertisement highlights a cashback promotion of Rp. 800,000 for the first 50 registrants. It encourages immediate registration, stating "Register Now!!!" and lists July 2024 as the start date. The school's curriculum includes Cambridge English and Science, Singapore Mathematics, and Chinese HSK Mandarin. The ad emphasizes the school's quality education and mentions "Gelombang 3 Penerimaan Siswa Baru," indicating it's the third wave of student admissions. Contact information and social media handles are provided at the bottom. The design includes vibrant graphics of a rocket and colorful smoke, symbolizing creativity and progress.

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🎓 Cashback Promo of Rp. 800,000 for the First 50 Registrants! 🎓

📅 New Student Enrollment Wave 3 for the 2024-2025 Academic Year 📅 Starting July 2024

Yehonala School is proud to announce the opening of new student enrollment for the 2024-2025 academic year. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive Rp. 800,000 cashback for the first 50 registrants!

🌟 Why Choose Yehonala School?

YEHO Excellence Curriculum: We offer a specially designed curriculum with international standards to ensure your children receive the best education. For example:

  • English – Cambridge: Our English program partners with Cambridge University Press to ensure effective and high-standard learning.
  • Science – Cambridge: Using modern and proven methods, we prepare students to understand and master science concepts well.
  • Mathematics – Singapore: Our mathematics program is adapted from the Singapore curriculum, known for its practical approach.
  • Mandarin – Chinese HSK: Our Mandarin program prepares students to confidently face the HSK exam.

📚 Collaboration with Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Qualifications: Our partnership with these renowned educational institutions ensures top-quality education at Yehonala School.

🏫 Quality School with a Creative Approach: At Yehonala School, we believe every child is unique and has great potential. Our innovative programs from Yeho Creative Kids inspire students to be creative and think critically.

🚀 Prepare Your Child’s Future with Optimal Education: Yehonala School focuses on academics, character development, and social skills. We believe holistic education is key to facing future challenges.

🎨 Supportive Facilities and Learning Environment: Yehonala School offers modern facilities designed to support interactive and enjoyable learning. Our safe and comfortable environment allows students to learn peacefully and effectively.

📞 Contact Us for More Information:

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