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Yehonala memiliki makna “bulan”. Bulan memancarkan terang yang lembut dan menenangkan. Dalam kegelapan malam, terang dari bulan sangat dinantikan. Demikianlah harapan kami dengan membangun Sekolah Yehonala dapat hadir memberi terang bagi masa depan anak – anak menjadi penuh harapan yang baik.


 Our mission is to provide knowledge for the students that include Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Value Added Skill and Spiritual Quotient. That is why Yehonala School characteristics are Understand, Empower, Act. Throughout learning process, students are required to understand who they are, understand the learning material or problem, then get empowered thru the knowledge learned. From there, students can take action based on the values that have been learned in the process.
 Our vision is to build the character of young minds. Helping children to grow and to understand who they are and who they are going to be, helping them to find their identity in this rapid growth society are important toward the development of children in their learning process.

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