F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)


4P Programs

3 Years Pandemic Recovery

What are the main requirements for YEHO’s Playgroup and Kindergarten’s enrolment?

2 – 3 years old: Playgroup 1 (minimum 2 years old as of 31 July)
3 – 4 years old: Playgroup 2 (minimum 3 years old as of 31 July)
4 – 5 years old: Kindergarten 1 (minimum 4 years old as of 31 July)
5 – 6 years old: Kindergarten 2 (minimum 5 years old as of 31 July)

What is the ratio of teacher to students?

Playgroup: 1 teacher 7 students
Kindergarten: 1 teacher 10 students

What is the procedure of students’ registration?

1st Step: Fill in of the enrollment form
2nd Step: Interview & Screening
3rd Step: Completion of administration and payment

What curriculum are being implemented at Preschool?

  1. Personal, Social & Emotional Development (Play Activities, Story, Rhymes, Music and Drama, Life Skill (e.g. gardening and cooking)
  2. Physical Development (Indoor and Outdoor Activities, Fine & Large Motor Skills, and Hands On Activities)
  3. Creative & Aesthetic Development (Arts including colour, shape and texture, painting and drawing, singing and listening to music)
  4. Language Development (English, Mandarin, Indonesian, Story Time)
  5. Early Mathematic Experiences (Numbers, sense, arithmetic and counting)

In addition, YEHO preschool is implementing English according to Cambridge Assessment English standard.

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