3 Years Pandemic Recovery Program

The pandemic has caused abrupt changes to the world and our way of life. With the longest closure of schools, children unable to learn in their classrooms. This is certainly the worst shock to education system and children learning growth, as well as family’s economiy. We all are doing our best to stay afloat. YEHO sees the difficulty of being parents, to maintain the economic stability while still ensure the children continue learning and grow even during the pandemic. That’s why YEHO would like to show support to the parents by launching:

3 Years Pandemic Recovery Program (2022 - 2025)
To Elevate Parents' Economic Stability, No Price Increase For Next 3 Years.

There will be no increase of fees until year 2025, of which we expect the pandemic to end and our economy starts making full recovery. With this 3 years program, YEHO hope to help parents recovery from this difficult time and children can continue pursue knowledge and wisdom.


What is YEHO 3 Years Pandemic Recovery Program 2022-2025?

In response to the covid pandemic, YEHO sees the impact on the economy of the each unit family. Therefore, YEHO would like to show support and motivate parents and students. During pandemic, we don’t cease learning. YEHO care and launch this special program which promise there will be no increase on tuition fee, refurbishment fee and adminitration fee for 3 years for the purpose to help elevate parents’ economic stability.

Who are entitled for the program?

All YEHO students are entitled for the program.

What’s the period of the program?

The 3 Years Pandemic Recovery Program will start from Academic Year 2022-2023 until Academic Year 2024-2025 (June 2025)  We expect that Covid-19 Pandemic to end in 3 years and our economy starts making full recovery.

What’s the purpose of the program?

This program is aimed to help parents maintain economic stability during this difficult time. Parents are facing tougher challenges to ensure their children continue pursue knowledge and growth during pandemic. Being able to know the exact cost in their children’s education for next 3 years will definitely help parents maintain and plan for their family expenditures. Of course, the price we offered for these 3 years are more affordable than previous years, all for the purpose of to elevate parents’ economic stability, no price increase for 3 years.

What are benefits in this 3 years bundle program?

The benefits from this program are :

– No increase in school fee for 3 years
– No increase of refurbishment fee for 3 years
– No increase of administration fee for 3 years
– The cost of students’ education are stated clearly for next 3 years
– School fee includes 1 free YEHO Academy activity
– YEHO Curriculum Plus Program ( Science, Math, English, Mandarin )
– YEHO Three Languages Program ( Indonesian, English, Mandarin )
– Parents with more than 1 child registered to YEHO, will get further
discount on school fee
– Overall fee of new student enrollment is cheaper than previous years
– Gain extra free bundle/lessons if registered while quota still available
– Textbooks are optional, parents can obtain the textbooks thru their
own sources

Why textbook price is not included in the bundle?

Again, YEHO would like to lighten the burden of parents. Therefore, textbook purchase is not compulsory. Parents can utilize other resources, such as borrow from seniors. Parents must ensure the students have the textbook available by the start of academic year.

Can I order textbooks from YEHO?

I don’t want all the hazzles to find textbooks myself. Yes, you can still order textbooks from YEHO if you choose to do so. Although YEHO doesn’t sell the books directly, YEHO cooperates with third party supplier to manage the purchasing of textbooks for the students. YEHO is using textbooks from different publishers, such as : Cambridge, Erlangga, YCT, MPM, etc. Please keep in mind that some books are not readily available from local bookstores, such as the textbooks from Cambridge.

What about pricing of the textbooks from this third party?

The price of textbooks should be close to the one available at bookstores. Actually, you can compare the price and you can see that the difference is not much. However, keep in mind that the publisher normally will have increase in the price of their textbooks and we won’t get the price catalog until early 2022, so there will be slight discrepancy. And there will be small sum of handling fee charged.

When do I need to order the textbooks from third party ?

It is recommended that parents place the order of textbooks at the time of student’s registration. Some of the textbooks (English, Math and Science from Cambridge University Press) are difficult to obtain. It may take up to 4 months to order specific textbooks during this pandemic period So, the earlier you order the textbooks, the better it is.

If I want to obtain the textbook myself, how should I do that ?

YEHO will provide the complete list of textbooks to the parents once it is finalized.

What about the 1 free activity from YEHO Academy? What is YEHO Academy?

Monthly tuition fee (SPP) paid by the students will get one free extracurricular activity from YEHO Academy. YEHO Academy is an activity hub, aims to encourage kids to have more active lifestyle, in enhancing children’s motivation, social skills, persistence and resilience. Students can register more extra curricular activities from YEHO Academy if choose to do so.

Please list all the free activities by YEHO Academy that are included in the school fee?

The list mainly consist of guitar, ukulele, dance, keyboard, english. The list is subject to changes due to the condition.

Is Bimbel compulsory?

No, Bimbel (Bimbingan belajar) is not compulsory for students. Parents can choose whether or not to join it. YEHO provides this service due to the need of students.

What are included in the uniforms?

3 sets of uniforms with a blazer are included.

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