Sekolah Yehonala

Sekolah Yehonala is a school in Batam Island that established in February 2006, which covers the education of Kiddycare, Playgroup, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior High, Senior High and Vocational school.

We at Yehonala School, aimed to be the best learning place for children to pursue their education in order to prepare themselves facing the challenges of the future. Knowledge is an important tool, and we believe sharing knowledge and educating the young minds will help shaping the world for the better future.

Our vision is to build the character of young minds. Helping children to grow and to understand who they are and who they are going to be, helping them to find their identity in this rapid growth society are important toward the development of children in their learning process.

Our mission is to provide knowledge for the students that include Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Value Added Skill and Spiritual Quotient. That is why Yehonala School characteristics are Understand, Empower, Act. Throughout learning process, students are required to understand who they are, understand the learning material or problem, then get empowered thru the knowledge learned. From there, students can take action based on the values that have been learned in the process.

Yehonala School will keep moving forward and contribute to the improvement of education in Batam Island. One of our special program, Program Prestasi, is to provide scholarship for every students who excel in their learning process by obtaining rank 1, 2 or 3 in their class each semester.


Yehonala’s “4P” Programme :

1.    Achievement Programme : Students that excel in their respective class by obtaining rank 1,2 or 3 will get scholarship (100%, 50% or 25%) for the next semester (6 months) 
2. Yehonala Family Programme : Free of registration fee for the sibling of Yehonala Students.
3. 1x Enrollment Programme : Students only pay for Registration Fee once for all education level (Playgroup thru Senior High School)
4. Tri-Language Programme : Students will learn Indonesian, English and Mandarin in their learning process.